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Hi, I'm Danny Pollard.  Since becoming a TSN Subscriber/Partner, I've learned that we must get comfortable with making a few changes in the way we think.  TSN Monthly Audios has helped me think outside my social conditioning, old habits and beyond the limits of my job!
Personal development and referral marketing are tools everyone can use to achieve their dreams of freedom from economic struggle.      
Premium Success Coaching Programs are Expensive  Touchstone Success Audios cost only $25/mth.   There's no better way to achieve our best lives than listening, learning, growing and working together.  When we find something that can help people do better, we should tell them about it.  You're invited to participate, learn and grow with us. 
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Successful people invest in growing their minds and income. They learn how to set and commit to their goals. They overcome self-doubt and become self-motivated;  They tune out unhelpful advice and face their fears;  They learn from mistakes and failures;  They regulate their feelings and emotions.  They grow mentally strong and determined to pursue their goals and dreams step by step, day by day.
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Now you must take action or take a pass.  Freedom is a Choice!