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Our training is conducted on daily telephone conference calls and a monthly audio CD.  Simple, practical and affordable.  Start listening to our daily conference calls for FREE.  Dial 805-309-2350 Access Code 752007#  Call starts 8:30PM EST

Touchstone Success is a movement to empower God's people!
To learn more visit www.touchstonesuccess.info
Anchoring our minds in truth and wisdom can empower us to work together in unity to help people grow.  Our minds can be renewed and our lives can be transformed by seeking God's ways first.  Then all that we need will be added to us.  Read Matthew 6:33 and Romans 12:2 
A better more empowered life is waiting on us to show up and participate in the marketplace as Kingdom Driven people and entrepreneurs. To get there we must learn more, grow more, love people more and build better relationships.