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Danny Pollard
Tappahannock, VA
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Hi, I'm Danny Pollard.   

Would you invest $25 a month in your own personal development to achieve the success you want in life?

Success starts in the mind.  We're helping working people renew their minds for more success in life.   
Listening to success audios  is a powerfully effective way to develop the mindset and passion to do what's necessary to turn your life around...  To grow, change and succeed in more areas of life to include your financial life.  Success starts in the mind with a passionate desire for change.
Romans 12:2 warns us, "Be not conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind..."  $25 a month is the cost to subscribe.  The wisdom gained plus our referral program make this a life-changing opportunity .
Let us help renew your mindset for success.  Our audio lessons empower and create hope for working class people.
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