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When we have not been adequately educated and trained for maximum success in life, we have two choices: We can seek the knowledge and skills needed to achieve a better life or we can settle for less than what's possible.  The human mind is like the soil of the earth, it will grow and multiply whatever we sow into it...positive or negative. 

Success will not track us down and force itself upon us.  Success won't happen overnight.  We must persist.  We can have anything we want in life if we can conceive and believe it in our minds and take the right actions persistently.  Listening to audios is one of the most effective and powerful ways to prepare our minds for success.   

If you can change your can change your life!

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Clara Chambles
Oak Ridge, TN

People need more growth and more income to prosper.

Success is steady progress towards a worthy goal

Success takes time.  Successful people make personal growth a life-long habit.  Network marketers who neglect personal growth rarely commit long enough to achieve the success that's possible.

to help more people succeed in referral marketing.

"You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free."  John 8:32

Our thoughts and habits must support our financial goals...

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The information we feed our minds and the people we allow to influence our thinking can lead us to success or failure, increase or decrease, growth or stagnation, prosperity or poverty.  Choose Wisely!
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Includes relevant  life lessons in personal and financial growth designed to empower average working class people.